Decades in 出国留学



A leader for over 50 years in study abroad, it all started on the saddle of a bicycle, for $2 a day.

1948年夏天, the world looked ahead to a brighter future. Gone was the extreme cataclysm and privation of the Second World War, but deep scars remained for the nations of Europe and their people.

As the cooperative spirit of educational exchange between nations was all but nonexistent, 比弗学院的经济学讲师, 他的妻子, 还有17名女大学生 arrived in post-WWII Europe. 这群人从纽约航行到南安普敦, 英格兰, on a mission of education and discovery of post-war rebuilding efforts, which would carry this determined cohort through a summer's worth of adventures. Cycling through 英格兰, 比利时, 和法国, 无论是温和的天气还是充满挑战的天气, 他们学到了比预期多得多的东西.

“通过旅行的自由, I realized that I can be whomever I want to be and do whatever I want to do with my life. The greys that existed in my life have blossomed into shades of color."

-生物专业19年级的William Snell,因为阿卡迪亚


This post-WWII cohort was the precursor to what would be one of the largest and most renowned international study programs in the United States. Arcadia University is now ranked as a leader in study abroad and is one of the leading providers in international education. The institute of International 教育's (IIE) Open Doors Report ranks Arcadia nationally for the percentage of undergraduate students participating in a study abroad experience. 此外,阿卡迪亚还被《云顶集团》列入了候选名单 & 世界留学报告.

The College of 全球 研究 at Arcadia University is the first College of its kind dedicated to the delivery and development of education abroad. 近3,000 students from over 300 colleges and universities participate in the University's programs abroad each year. Arcadia continuously strives to provide the highest level of support and service to its program participants wherever they are in the world.