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Phillips Lab

The Phillips Lab focuses on brown algal taxonomy and speciation as well as DNA barcoding on select species. The lab is also involved in conservation efforts of several primate species on Bioko Island.

The lab has broad research interests in using phylogenetic and phylogenomic methods to examine a variety of evolutionary and ecological issues within marine algal and select terrestrial ecosystems; including evolution of multicellularity in Heterokont lineages, evolution of complexity in brown algae, ocean basin patterns of algal speciation, genetic diversity of algal populations and biogeography.

The terrestrial work is focused on conservation genetics of Bioko Island's (small island off the west coast of Africa) endangered populations. It is home to Africa's greatest concentration of endangered primates, along with more than fifty unique species of plants. We are confident that our research will have a great impact in the ever changing world of science. View slideshow.


Lead Investigator: Dr. Naomi Phillips

Student Researchers: Brian Cheda, Chelsea Colon, Haley Grunwald, Aimee Malzahn, Brian Murphy, Megan Roche, Rachel Schwartz, and Cynthia Zmich